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To My Beleaguered Friends

A friend recently posted about not posting about our contentious historical moment(s) because of our contentious historical response(s). Follow me? Yes, it was not without some irony, but good wisdom had prevailed upon him. A mutual friend of ours warned it was probably a fools errand to expect any response other than the usual extreme vacillation of praise and rebuke the internet does so, um, well these days. Would that we all have wise friends like this. Who among us hasn't wrestled with the pressure to pronounce a kind of final judgement on all the idiots bumbling about in Covid-land? I know I have -- only to be cautioned into circumspection by my loving wife, by a friend who smells of smoke from his last run-in with rage posting, and my God who is exceedingly patient to listen. Slow to anger and speak. Indeed, it always seems to be the right time to share encouragement in Christ. And so in that spirit, I feel no twinge of guilt in sharing with you the thoughts I gave my friend…