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What if they forget about God?

Ever wonder why Christians don't ask God to dash our enemy's children against the rocks? Or why we don’t cut off our own hands? Or gouge out our eyes? Even though these verses are found in the Bible? One reason is because we are warned against a practice called proof texting -- the practice of constructing an entire theology from single isolated verses. We are taught instead to take the whole counsel of Scripture into consideration. Doing so helps protect us from serious error. We learn that Christ assumes our offense. The children sleep soundly. Our hands and eyes remain intact. In a similar way, we should also be careful when tempted to judge someone's eternity based on single moments of failure; or even a prolonged season with a disease that robs its victims of their memory, identity, and rationality. Dementia presents a litany of difficulties for us to contend with. Sometimes these include concerns over our loved one's salvation. We wonder about it when t